Are you looking for a SECURITY EXPERT local to NORTHWEST FLORIDA?

Are you shopping for an honest and trustworthy security company? Are you tired of security companies using scare tactics or selling you services and repairs that aren’t needed?

If you are like many of the clients we serve, you’ve probably been frustrated by companies who routinely show up late or not at all, under deliver and over charge for what they do…or, suffer headaches from the “low bidder” dealer who didn’t install the job properly.

I guarantee I can CURE your security headaches once and for all…

FREE 32-Point “Home Safe Home” Security Audit© – a $197 value!
Eliminate – Pesky Thieves, Intruders, Vandals, Peeping Toms & Derelicts. Safeguard Your Property with our Proprietary 32-Point On-Site Security Audit.

Stop Vandals,
Stop Thieves,
Stop Employee Theft,
Stop Vendor Theft…
Dead in its Tracks!

This comprehensive audit will identify the security “weak spots” and safety vulnerabilities unique to your home. We believe in educating our prospective clients so YOU can make well-informed decisions about your safety and security needs. With this audit, you will get all the information necessary for designing and providing the right security system for you!

The Mind of a Criminal
To really secure your property, you need to be able to see your home as potential vandals and thieves see it and get into their mind-set. That’s the key to providing the best safety and security for your property. And that’s exactly how we evaluate your home, as an intruder would – lurking around and looking for ways to invade! We start from the outside and work our way in. We look at every aspect of your property from an outsider’s point of view and look for weaknesses that would tempt a vandal, thief, peeping-tom, derelict and other criminals to vandalize and rob you blind.

How They Break In:
· 88% of burglars enter from the first floor (34% through the front door, 22% through the side or back door, 23% through first floor windows, 9% through the garage).
· 4% through the basement.
· 4% through an unlocked entrance.
· 2% enter anywhere on the second floor.
· 2% through a storage area.

The Average loss per residential burglary: $1,725


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